API ISIC CHECK is a solution for authentication of ISIC, ITIC, IYTC, ALIVE cards in systems, programs and applications. This technical solution is intended primarily for ticket sales in an on-line environment. API ISIC CHECK is integrated into the partner’s point of sale system by the partner or by the point of sale system provider.

Integration can be programmed according to a specimen script, it is only required to follow the required functionalities which are necessary for smooth cooperation and correct functioning of API ISIC CHECK.

API ISIC CHECK can be supplemented by a card scanner, which enhances the authentication efficiency. The scanner verifies chips incorporated in the cards, so it is sufficient just to place the card close to the scanner and API authenticates the card and evaluates the operation.


Verification of cards

API ISIC CHECK enable authenticating all types of ISIC, ITIC, IYTC, ALIVE cards and student status.


API ISIC CHECK have continuous access to real-time card authentication against the current card database.


API ISIC CHECK evaluate and display restrictions – reason for rejecting a discount.


API ISIC CHECK provides statistical data with defined degradation outputs that are bound to data from the ISIC CHECK API.

Competitive advantage

Providers can offer API ISIC CHECK to their customers and use it as a competitive advantage.

Free solutions

Specimen script of API ISIC CHECK is provided free of charge.


  • Cooperation agreement conclusion.
  • Completion of information form – completing marketing details for the cooperation agreement.
  • Publication of GTS ALIVE promotional materials, including placement of logo and card visualization in places where cooperation or information about ISIC CHECK are promoted.


  • API ISIC CHECK require an internet connection.
  • API ISIC CHECK is programmed according to the specimen script written in PHP.
  • For a reader connection is the USB port required.



The scanner requires support of Windows 7 SP1, 8.1, 10, Win Server 2008+ a Win Embedded 7+

Non-contact chip

The scanner scans contactless chips with support of Mifare Classic, Ultralight, DESFIRE and EM4102 standards

Reach reading

Maximum reach of scanning is 80 mm for EM-Marine chips and 40 mm for Mifare chips.


Scanner is compact, having the size of 120 mm x 86 mm x 42 mm


The ISIC CHECK application also enables authenticating non-chip cards even by manual authentication without using the scanner


Connecting to a computer via USB requires an Internet connection


Selected partners using API ISIC CHECK


Integration manual of API ISIC CHECK.